Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blowing kisses (finally)

So teaching your baby how to blow kisses is an average thing parents do. I guess I am not average. I have never attempted to teach Liam this trick. It was never something I did automatically as a child, teenager, single adult or married woman without kids. People would ask me now and then if he blows kisses and I would always say, "No, but I need to start doing that..." And so did I ever try to implement it? Nope. Among other fun, cute things that didn't come to me as normal to teach a little one.

So yesterday I was headed out the door to go to work (leaving him with his adoring Grandma). I was trying to get his attention off of a fun game they were playing so he'd wave good-bye to me. When he finally looked up, for some reason I blew him a kiss... he blew one right back with no hesitation or thought to it! I was so tickled!

He blew me more kisses as we were riding in the car tonight running errands... even took that dang pacifier out to do it! I was honored.


Danielle said...

So cute. Matt and I are such dorks. At Kaden's 12 month visit with the doctor- as he is asking us if he does things like crawl, walk, say words, etc. We said- he blows kisses. :) As if that were some milestone like crawling or walking. The Doctor laughed and said it wasn't on his list but that it was good. :)

Rachelle said...

Cam still doesn't blow kisses because I've never bothered to teach him. Only recently has he even started to give regular kisses. It's so cute the things they do!

Robin said...

That is so dang cute. Charlotte doesn't really blow kisses, then again we, like you, don't really teach it. We just slobber all over her face and then leave. Oh wait, she is always with me. Always.

Kim said...

He is just beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Enjoy those kisses!

Jamie said...

They are capable of so many things! We have done the same thing with high fives and thumbs up. Never thought to teach her, but once we did, it was simple!
Enjoy your blown kisses :)

Angel Baby said...

Funny, I never thought to teach Annabelle to blow kisses either... and still haven't.

However, she does use the ASL sign for "Thank You" and it looks pretty much like the same thing... and people always say "aaaaahhhhh" so they must think she's blowing them a kiss!

So sweet that Liam's doing that to you!! I would feel honored too!