Thursday, March 15, 2007

Popcorn please!

Liam said "opcorn" more than twice tonight! He also pointed to his dad and said "da da" over and over since last week. Also for the past two weeks we've implemented "plee" and also "eez" if he wants something from us.

I cannot get over the popcorn bit tonight... I mean WOW that is a big first word! He loves the popcorn... And he loves his daddy even more. And he loves many other things just enough to say please for them. A very determined child to get what he wants.


Stepherz said...

Smart little cookie! He's just a man who knows what he wants! Go Liam!

Anonymous said...

I love it when babies say "please". He is a smart little man if he loves popcorn already!

Mom of Sweetie said...

Hey hey! What a great first word. I think mine was "Exit". Or maybe the Spanish word Salida because I was watching Sesame Street??

Love the foto in the prior blog too. That's one you should keep as blackmail some day. heh heh!