Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Buddies and a Crush?

Ian was gone all of Saturday working again this weekend, so I was sure to fill it up with activities so I didn't find myself feeling depressed and lonely again. Plus it was a warmer weekend which was a welcomed bonus.

My friend, Saedi, who lives in a town not far from here invited us over for a play date. So we went over there at 10am and left at 2pm. The last time we met up with Saedi and her 3 boys, Liam had a ball! I was so grateful she invited us over again. Liam loves those boys and they seem to like him too. I even caught the oldest, Mason, sniffing the back of Liam's head. I thought that was very sweet because he appreciated the smell of a baby's head.

Liam and Mason

Liam and Ethan

On the way home Liam took a bit of a nap and was transferred to his crib pretty easily. He slept for an hour (to my dismay as I was hoping for a better nap for myself). After some cuddles, I got him into his coat and sun hat then plopped him in the stroller. We went on a walk to go pay Shari since Ian picked Liam up early on Friday and I didn't get a chance to see her.

On the way back I saw that my friend Leatha's car was in the driveway. She has a girl just 2 months younger than Liam so we made a stop. They welcomed us in. Liam and Jaya seemed to like each other. She is a very amiable little girl. She wanted to give him hugs and kisses. When it was time to say good-bye, we picked up our babies and they leaned in 3 times to kiss each other on the lips. It was so so sweet!

New make-out buddies

The rest of the day was pretty good. Liam played well enough by himself that I was able to make a delicious meatload, fried cabbage and brown rice for dinner. Trent (Robin's hubby) is in town for a few days and Ian's brother, Drew was here too... they both got here just in time for dinner... and dinner was done right at Liam's bedtime so I put him to bed and we 4 had a nice dinner together.

After that, we reset our clocks for daylight savings and all went to bed early. Of course I stayed up way too late reading my book, Second Glance... it's so so so slow! The report was due a week ago and I am just having the hardest time with it. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will be able to finish it. ARG!


longdistancegrandma said...

So sweet that you and Liam can have such sweet playdates. Sure looks like that kissing was a mutual delight.

Stepherz said...

The kiss is so sweet!

Fried cabbage sounds yummy. I've never made that but I might have to. I like boiled cabbage with some hot sauce-- yumm!

Grandma-Dixie said...

Sounds like a full and fun day. Cute little kiss picture.Sounds like a yummy dinner.

Robin said...

I hope Charlotte doesn't get too jealous when she's see's that picture of the make out. It is pretty cute though I must say. Thank you so much for feeding my husband a tasty home-cooked meal, I am sure he's had more than his fill of fast food. I wish I could see you too!

Busy Bee said...

Sierra likes to smooch to, in fact Justin says that lately she's been kissing her cousin, Blaine, a lot.