Monday, January 08, 2007

Sunday Morning

I forgot to report a very cute scene that took place Sunday morning as I was trying to rush around in preparation for church.

Liam followed me down the stairs (and I thought he would have followed me all the way to the bathroom, but he stopped off in the living room). As I was putting on my make up, I noticed it was REALLY quiet, so I wondered if maybe he went back up the stairs without me. He wasn't responding to me calling him.

I quietly tip toed to the living room so I could catch whatever he might be doing wrong. I found him crouched down like a little frog spooning Daddy's leftover cereal into his mouth. It was a HUGE daddy-sized spoon he was working with. It appeared that he had gotten some good slurps of milk and soggy cereal remnants into his mouth, but there was no mess. I tell you what, he's good with his eating utensils! I just laughed so hard at this display. He felt so big and independent! So you can imagine how upset he was when I took the big boy snack away from him!


Nicole said...

Aww. Poor baby. All he wanted was some big boy cereal! :) Ha. I am impressed that he can use utensils already. That's awesome!

Nikkie said...

That is so cute! I wish my little guy would do so well with utensils. He still flings his food, misses it entirely, or stabs himself!

Poopydigs said...

How adorable. Mom--he must've been really hungry! ehehhee. :)

At least Liam's consuming edible items. I find myself constantly fishing out foreign material from Ella's mouth.

Robin said...

What a smartie pants!