Friday, January 19, 2007

My Obedient Puppy

Liam gets smarter and more aware of what we say every single day. I love witnessing his responses to my requests.

"LEEE-UMMM" (he stops whatever mischief he is up to)

"Let me see" (he will show me and hand me whatever small treasure he's found or plopped into his mouth)

"Close the door" or "shut the door" (he closes whatever cabinet, door or dryer he opened)

"Put that away, please" (he'll put his toys away or the hand towels from the kitchen drawer he likes to empty or whatever he's just gotten out)

"Sit down" or "Get down" or "Lay down"

"Be nice" (he'll pet the cat instead of pull or grab)

"Clap your hands" (no physical que needed, he knows what the word "clap" means)

"Dance" (no physical que or music required)

"Fold your arms" (no que needed, he folds his arms for family prayers and prayers over our food)

"Can I have a kiss?" (This past week he's been obliging us with a kiss on command. Sometimes a few in a row!)

"Come on" or "let's go" (he follows me or comes to me to take him somewhere)

"Show me your belly" (with both hands he proudly displays his belly)

"Where is your nose?" (he almost picks his nose on this demand)

"Let's go brush our teeth" (he follows me to the bathroom and waits for me to give him his toothbrush, then brushes his teeth like a good boy)

Don't I have such a good little puppy!?


Nicole said...

WOW. That is pretty impressive. Do you think that he could teach my 2 1/2 year old some of those tricks?

Utah Swiss Family Robinson said...

not to sound cynical, but REALLY enjoy this now. When they get older there is this thing called autonomy that changes our beautiful angels into creatures that do what THEY want :-(

I loved reading this. I remember those days so fondly. When my babies were so sweet and obedient and cute, and snuggly, and . . .

Nikkie said...

That is just great! I wish Liam could teach my little guy to brush his teeth like that!

longdistancegrandma said...

As I have been saying kittens, puppies, and young kids are very much alike. Puppies and kittens like shoes too.

Stepherz said...

How cute! He's a smart little cookie!

Robin said...

He is doing SO much! What fun.

Kristen said...

Oh, yes...he definitely is a good little puppy. ;-)

Enjoy those kisses....pretty soon he'll refuse and he'll be wiping your kisses off of his face. Or maybe my little one is just rude like that.

D said...

So cute! It is amazing how much they understand. I love the pics of him and shoes too. Kaden doesn't really try to wear them but he loves looking at them and trying to chew on them(that part we discourage. :))He is always getting into our shoes right by the door.

Anissa said...

I love this post. It gives such a perfect glimpse into how much he's grown and what a day is like with him. It has to be so rewarding to have your child respond to you in so many ways. What a cutie!