Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I gots me some blooms

Well it turns out I have one of those envied husbands. I got flowers sent to me at work today (out of the blue... He's not in the dog house or anything like that). BEAUTIFUL ones too! And guess what the note said?
Just wanted to send you something just because you are Great!
Love you tons,
Here is a photo I found online of what he ordered. (I don't have my camera at work to take a picture of the real deal and I won't be bringing them home until Friday night.) Mine are, of course, much prettier and I don't have the butterfly on mine, and mine are much more vibrant than this photo depicts and, and, and, the vase is just like this one but with more dots on it! What a thoughtful gesture! Thanks Honey!


Stephanie said...

You definately have husband envy today. How sweet is he!!!

I had NO idea that was happening. I don't think I have ever been to her blog. How funny that I posted almost all of the pictures that she had on there. CRAZY!!!

I hope I didn't hurt your feelings. If I did I am so sorry. I would hate to make a fellow blogger feel bad. I thought that was so cool if it turned into a "ready, set, go" meme.

I think I will enter that one.

asiangarden said...

Awwww! No Fair!!!

Nikkie said...

You are so lucky!! He's very sweet!

Katie said...

Very nice! And the flowers look great!

Tori :) said...

YAY!! They are beautiful and you deserve to be spoiled a little!

utmommy said...

Those are beautiful!! I love when husbands do stuff like that. You sound like you have a keeper!

utmommy said...

Oh yeah, what's a meme?

grandma -dixie said...

How nice to get flowers,I have not had flowers for so long. Your a lucky lady.