Monday, May 18, 2015

He's just so darling...

As Liam and I were walking downstairs for breakfast this morning he said, "I had a fun weekend!"  And I said, "Really?  What was fun?"  He said, "Yesterday."  "Are you telling me you had fun scooping leaves and pine needles?"  "Yeah, I guess I am!"  (Today was our yard waste pick up day and we didn't get to that task Saturday... Liam and I kicked butt at dusk trying to get everything we could to the curb.  Was so proud of him for helping me so much - and proclaiming his love for me all weekend too.  He melts me.)

--I posted the above to Facebook this morning.  The entire weekend was pretty dreamy.  The kids were great Thursday night when Liam got back to us and then Friday we all went to see Cinderella at the Megaplex (in our haste to make/eat dinner prior, I managed to slice the tip of my finger off - which was an adventure to say the least, but I got some sympathy from the kids so that was nice).  After the movie we got Coldstone ice cream!  Saturday was a lazy morning watching Indiana Jones then I took the boys to a Lego event and Tadge took Jenna on a date to Red Lobster and Justice for Girls.  We all got back to the house around the same time and hung out the rest of the day.  Got a lot done on our list of things to do before Tadge left town Sunday morning.  Sunday morning we rushed to get Tadge to the airport then I rushed to get the kids to church. Church was a success and everyone came home with a great attitude and Ben especially seemed gratified with his attendance which isn't the usual since the last hour of church is not his favorite.  I took Ben and Jenna to their mom's and all three were so cute and nice in the back seat... which isn't the norm.  I complimented them all.  It's so great to see them jive and not compete with each other.  I told Liam on the way home that I was needing a nap badly and he asked nicely if we could build a fire and roast marshmallows.  I said yes, but I'd be taking a nap afterward.  He was excited!  We managed to build a fire in the rain and roast a few mallows.  It was fun to be with him and work together.  He even went and got me a drink of water while I roasted a mallow for him so it was perfectly brown and melty in the middle!  We cleaned up our mess and went upstairs together.  He said it was time for my nap now!  So cute.  I laid there for awhile and yelled to him (in his bedroom) that I couldn't fall asleep.  He came in and adjusted my window blinds to darken the room and suggested a melatonin.  I laughed.  He was so sweet and thoughtful!  When I woke up we made popcorn and watched some TV as he built a fort out of couch cushions.  Then I got the gumption to finally go do some yard work since the city clean up day was this morning and all material that goes to the dump needed to be put out to the curb... and we had no time for that work on Saturday.  We worked together to rake, scoop, and sweep up leaves and pine needles around the property.  Even got some debris out of the playhouse that has needed attention for years it would seem.  We met the neighbors and talked to them for a bit too.  It was a nice evening of hard work.  When it was time for bed we snuggled and talked for awhile.  He started reciting an older YouTube video that we both loved and made me laugh (Dear Kitten).  He told me he loved me and I'm the best mom... I melted many times the past 5 days in his company.  I love my Liam so very much!  He really is a good little man through and through.--

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