Saturday, September 21, 2013

Drew and Alicia's Fia Fia

We had a wonderful evening on Tuesday with our family and Alicia's family as we celebrating the upcoming wedding together.  Mom (Dixie) had some of the food catered and also did all the decorations.  I especially love the pineapple palm tree she put together with a little help from Ian's welding skills as he made a stainless steel stand that is under all that fruit.  Alicia made each family member a lava lava skirt and gave us each a lai of some sort.  I really liked Drew's seed necklaces!

All the kids on both sides of the family got along so well as they ran around, jumped on the trampoline, and also enjoyed a Samoan dancer show us his skills.

The whole evening was so great!

Grandpa and Grandma Minerich - Liam's great grandparents!

Mom did a wonderful job on the whole spread!

 Aunt Alicia handing out the the lai's.

Blake and Seneca and Bronte'

Uncle Drew and his cute niece and nephew.

The future Aunt Alicia!  We love her already!

Baby Keith from the Price side of the family.  SO CUTE!

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Photo Girl said...

The flowers were beautiful. Looks like a fun get-together.