Monday, June 03, 2013

Dontation Conversation

I had donated blood at the Red Cross on Saturday and Liam took notice of the marks left behind that night and asked if it hurt to donate. I said it was a little prick and no big deal. I then noticed his veins practically popping out of his arms and said how lucky he was since mine were deep and harder to find. I told him how he’d make a great candidate to donate. He gave me a sheepish look and he said, “Mom, I’m only 7.. so do I have to donate?” I was surprised and reassured him that he couldn’t donate until he’s 18 and it was up to him – not me. I was just sharing how easy it would be for him IF he decided to. He asked me more questions about how much I give each time and how often you are allowed to donate. I told him about how many lives you can save each time, etc.

I thought it was cute how intrigued he was by it all.

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