Friday, February 01, 2013

One blessed child

I just have to say that the past month or two Liam has had a pretty nice perk each morning.  Well since September I guess - when we took him out of daycare.  So now a days he's got this dad of his who comes home from a night shift job at 7am AND THEN rolls his reluctant son out of bed to get him ready to catch the bus on time.  So that is great enough, but recently Dad has taken it up a notch and goes to the kitchen to make pancakes with sprinkles and then sits at the table with his boy (most mornings) and chats while he stuffs his face.  Sometimes Ian will read Liam's Zoobooks magazine to him and they discuss different kinds of animal life.  And sometimes they just act goofy and the conversation is pretty ridiculous... Well, at least it is from my perspective... as the grumpy bloodshot eyed mom.  I am not a morning person - and they apparently are.  And I am so glad they have each other.  Really glad.  It takes enough energy for me to get them reverent long enough to say family prayer and get out the door.

In other news, the past two weeks Ian has taken Liam skiing at Brighton.  The father and son time is paying off... their relationship and cooperation skills have gotten even better in the mornings.  Very proud of those boys.  I love them very very much!

(I forgot to mention that Ian has taught Liam how to pour and flip the pancakes this past week... Liam thinks he's hot stuff.)

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