Thursday, January 03, 2013

Happy New Year!

We didn't have any plans for New Year's Eve - we generally don't.  BUT Ian and I got itchy and tried to get a sitter at the last minute to no avail.  We ended up getting in the car as a family and going on a great goose chase for a Tepanyaki type of place.  After a lot of gallivanting around town, we found one that didn't have a line going out the door - the Bonsai Japanese Steakhouse.  Liam had his Ninjago sticker book in hand to keep him busy, but our chef ended up being one of THE most entertaining we've had. He did all the regular tricks AND made us laugh with all his great jokes!  We all had a great time! And the food was scrumptious - so perfectly yummy!

 Waiting for our grill table - only 5 minutes.

I had forgotten that Ian had ordered us some sky lanterns to send up into the sky for New Year's Eve.  We had ten in all, so I asked him if we should call the Williams family - our neighbors - to see if they would join in the fun.  Sure enough they were game and we had a great time freezing our fingers off and sending up wishes for the new year!  Such a grand sight.  Way better than fireworks!  A hearty thanks to Daddy for making it happen - he is so thoughtful and fun!


 Gavin, Preslie, and Liam


Aren't they beautiful?


D said...

Those sky lanterns are gorgeous! Sounds like a fun night!

Photo Girl said...

Those are cool. Where did you get them? Emilia would die if she got to send up a "Rapunzel" lantern.