Saturday, August 18, 2012

5K and Mud Run

Liam joined me for an early morning in Farmington, Utah... we did a 5K fun run together and he really pushed me!  We would do little sprints here and there... sometimes he would do them alone and then come all the way back to get me.  I was really proud of him for going over 3 miles - he was proud of himself and told everyone afterward that one mile is the furthest he's ever gone before now.  ;)

Here we are after the run.  He was anxious to get the show on the road for the next part... a mud run for kids ONLY!

As we waited for the families and tons of kids to gather for the race, we met up with Heather and Nathan Sachs and their two boys Taylor and Lee.  Liam remembered them well, but it's been a long time since we made it up to their neck of the woods!  It was such a treat to see them especially for a cool event like this one!

Below is a photo of Liam going back to help his friend, Lee, finish the race.  Heather reported there was a bit of applause from the stands for his good deed.  She also said Lee was going to throw in the towel until Liam came along.  So proud of our boy!

After all the age groups finished their runs, the firemen had a hose going to spray the kids off.  I will post more photos of Liam braving the spray!  He was such a nut getting closer and closer to the mouth of the hose!  

 Here is a photo of Taylor all soaked!

It was such a fun morning!  On our way home we stopped to help clean the church and Liam got a good work out cleaning chalk boards and lining trash cans.  We then went swimming for about 2 hours. 

Me and Ian in Park City - celebrating at one of our favorite places, Chimayo!

Ian and I had an anniversary date scheduled to celebrate 12 years so Sadie came over to babysit.  She later reported that they only played for a little while before Liam ASKED to go to bed!  We were stunned to hear that.  I don't think that has ever happened... and now we know the formula of activities to cook up in order for this kiddo to be completely worn out! 

5K + playing in the mud + cleaning chalkboards + 2 hours swimming = Worn Out Liam

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