Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making Strides

Since December we have made some extensive changes.

First, we found an effective homeopathic medicine that assists Liam with his focus and impulse issues. Along with a high protein/high fiber breakfast, this has been a major stepping stone for all of us - including those beloved resources who tend and teach him on the week days.

Second, we implemented a system for Liam to start earning everything - and I mean everything. Initially this was based on safe or unsafe days at school. 3 safe days merited a 30 minute time reward. Most "entitled" things he once received so easily, went away. This also included a strike system recommended by his therapist, so on strike three he would have a consequence for his actions.

Along with the resource incentive programs at his school, we have seen some drastic changes in his behavior. Tae Kwon Do and the masters mentoring Liam are also a great influence on his behavior. If he has a rough day at school, he loses Tae Kwon Do (3 chances to attend per week). He is even making his bed every day because of one particular master's insistence - otherwise he's doing push-ups for an extended amount of time in class. {Insert my happy face here.}

The other thing that I think has been monumental in Liam's behavior shift is the change in our attitudes at home. There has been less arguing, less TV background noise, and more quality one-on-one time in the mornings with Dad (getting ready for the day) and in the evenings with me (doing homework - mainly learning to read). I am incredibly grateful for the abiding spirit in our home and additional opportunities to show love to one another.

The last hanging item has been negative behavior at church. Liam has had ongoing issues with staying in his seat (or even in the room) and making rude comments during the two hour block of Primary. I was called as a teacher in Primary the last quarter of 2011 to help them get a handle on the weekly disturbing situations. So... I taught his class for a short time and struggled largely with that. I had my hands full teaching the other children so there wasn't much I could do when he lost his mind. I was disappointed that the plan kinda backfired. So for the new year, I teach the 4/5 year olds and Liam is in the class above it. So I am able to help during sharing time and when we go to individual classes, I desperately hope he handles himself well. There have been some growing pains with that, but this last Sunday I taught his teacher the strike system and it worked. I was so proud of him!!!! (If you are asking yourself where Dad is, well, Ian works nights so he isn't with us at church. He's sleeping.)

And speaking of proud - I was beaming with pride the week previously at Stake Conference. He was reverent for 2 hours while we listened to some wonderful talks.

Anyway, all is well on the homefront and, again, I am very grateful for such good boys that love me no matter what!

Photos by Tomi Kennedy.


Anonymous said...

What a darling little tree climber ! Great picture of Liam. He is growing up so fast.

Katie said...

So, so cute!

Photo Girl said...

Thanks for sharing, Gina! I'm so glad that things are working better. Isn't it great to have resources that know more than we do? What blessings they are!