Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve's Eve

I didn't have to work the Friday before Christmas Eve, so I was able to plan a play date with our awesome neighbors, Gavin, Preslie, and Lindsey. We went to Airborne and we watched the kids have a blast getting out all their energy. It was nice to get to know Lindsey even better as I listened to her life story. What a woman. I am blessed to know her.

Here are the kiddos doing their thing...

Another perk of having a Friday off work, I was able to take Liam to the 4pm Tae Kwon Do class. I am glad we were able to attend because after the kids did all their warm ups, Master Kwon had a Christmas gift for all of them! GAMES! They played capture the flag and dodge ball!

Warming up...

First was capture the flag... what a riot watching those little ones duke it out!

Liam was defeated by Zane in that round.

Here is Liam cheering for the other matches.

Dodge ball... Liam was the last one out on the second round. He is one nimble kiddo!

That kid has got game!

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