Friday, April 29, 2011

Less than an hour

In less than an hour he was riding on two wheels with no assistance!

Skipped the training wheels!

I still can't get over how quickly he figured out his steering and then his balance. I am so blown away. I was beside myself alone with him outside losing my mind in excitement!

Go Liam! - You're Awesome! - Look at You!

Wolf Whistles - Clapping - Cheerleading

The whole complex probably thought I was a total nut case!

So an hour of bending over a small bike, proxy steering, proxy balancing, et cetera translates into a pretty dang good workout for the mom. Not to mention the long sprints once Liam was taking off and I was so scared I'd have to catch him. Then more sprints when he'd get out of sight and I'd hear a crash.

I am very sore today - that was the best work out EVER.

I have to also say that he learned how to crash well. When he'd crash his bike and jump off of it with out a stumble, I'd cheer again like a crazy person and say, "Good Crash!" He thought that was pretty great that a crash could be a good one!

Other than some grass stains and thinner patches on the knees of his camo pants, this kiddo came out of his training scrape free!

Such a tough kid!

Simply a wonder child!

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Anonymous said...

He is amazing ! Thats our boy!