Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Saturday

This morning we just hung around the house. Here is Liam listening to my tiny (dollar store) mp3 speakers. He was carrying them all around the house jammin' to the music.

A little later he worked on his Transformers puzzle.

We got showered and dressed then left to go take the car to the shop to get fixed. From there we went to check out Star Mill in American Fork. That place is so awesome! My friend Lindsay gave me the tip because I asked if she knew of any cool places to take photos in that area. This place didn't disappoint. An old mill converted into an antique shop. There were so many things I wanted to buy! Just the tiny room full of apothecary draws and zillions of jars made me smile!

After Star Mill we grabbed some lunch then went to Wal-Mart to find Liam a helmut so he could ride his scooter safely. He selected a very yellow Bumblebee Transformers set complete with elbow and knee pads. After that we made another stop at Kohl's to find me some jeans. Ian was very accommodating at bringing me pair after pair in the dressing room. Liam entertained himself with his Bakugan during all this.

On the way home we stopped by Utah Lake to throw rocks into the water. Liam had a great time! Check out this rock throwing sequence:

(Can you tell I'm enjoying how fast my camera is?)

When we got home Liam wanted to test drive his new safety get-up. We headed towards Joslyn's house, but she wasn't home. Just Jered and baby Ty. We had a good time with them though. Jered was working on a really cool hobby RC car that runs on fuel. He gave us a demo of how it works. It was pretty amazing how it maneuvers and does ramp jumps. Liam was jumping up and down he was so excited by it! After the show, Liam looked under the hood while Jered explained how it all worked. He's a mechanic by trade and we could tell how much he enjoyed this little powerhouse of a toy.

When we got home Liam played his Mater video game on the Playstation while I uploaded photos.


the quirky one in the family said...

He looks like such a big kid on his scooter! I love his safety get up!

Anissa said...

What a great day! And yes, I love those rock throwing photos. That's one awesome camera you've got there!

Yeah for safety equipment! I think I mentioned on my own blog how dang cute little kids are in their helmets and Liam is no exception. :)

The Goddess said...

What a fun day. :)