Saturday, May 02, 2009

Wednesday catch up

I haven't had time to report Wednesday's happenings (4/29/09).

First I dropped Liam off at Joslyn's house to play while I went to another job interview for a company I had already had a phone interview with as well as a face-to-face on Monday.

After my interview I went to go pick up Liam at the park where he was playing with Joslyn. I stayed for awhile to talk to Kara and also help Liam attempt the monkey bars. He did really great on his form. I think he'll soon be able to hold all his body weight and master swinging himself from bar to bar. (Thanks, Kara, for the lovely butt shots. I had no idea she took these photos until I got an email yesterday from her.)

After I convinced Liam to go home with me to eat lunch, we worked on another perler bead project and then got in the car to head to my friend Heidi's house. He had made Heidi a car out of the beads and proudly gave it to her when we arrived at her house. She was so sweet to display it on her fridge and thank him so graciously.

After Liam jumped on Heidi's trampoline for a bit, her son came home to show Liam his two pet rats. Liam was tickled and would put them in his hat so he didn't have to touch them. He liked them, but wasn't so sure about holding them. They jumped on the trampoline some more then played with toys while Heidi and I chatted. It was nice to visit with her. I've known her since I was fresh out of high school. We worked at a rehab health center together and I wish I still worked with her. She is just a lot of fun and we laugh a lot!

We left Heidi's house and headed to the airport to go pick up Grandma B (my mom from Indiana). She arrived on time and Liam was so happy to greet her! Riding the escalator was of course the favorite part of the airport.

We piled in the car and made our way to the Tulip Festival where we were meeting up with an old Indiana neighbor, Jeanie, who is one of my mom's closest friends. She happens to live in Utah now and they hate being apart. We had a great time smelling the blossoms, enjoying the warm spring air and also watching Liam run and roll on the soft grassy hills.

We all met Ian at Chili's and enjoyed a fun dinner together. I was glad Ian could join us! He had worked late and the timing ended up perfect for him to be there. He kept Liam so entertained and even did some magic tricks towards the end of the meal. We were all so impressed with his skills!

Liam slept really well that night. He didn't wake up until 8am the next morning!


Suzanne said...

Gina, those are lovely butt shots. I think you have a great figure!

It sounds like the interview went well and that you had a wonderful day. I'll be the tulip gardens are beautiful. My family should go before they're all gone...

D said...

Wolf whistle! hot interviewing mama!

What a gorgeous day! Sounds perfect!

Terry said...

Beautiful photos, again!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much you guys do in a day!! Holy cow! I was exhausted just reading it. Go Liam for being so good! My kids would've had meltdowns and drove me nuts by dinner.

Heidi said...

I'd hate to be the one to mow that lawn!