Friday, November 10, 2006

Food, glorious food!

Liam is eating SO much more these days! He eats and eats and eats! I am so excited the loves to eat! Last night and today he went to town on peas. He loves to pick them up one by one and eat them until they are all gone. You'd think the peas were candy he loves them so much!

This morning I gave him some Silk brand peach yogurt and he loved it. I turned the container to the side to see the nutritional values and I could clearly see why he loved it so much. It had a fair amount of sugars in it, but less than regular fruit yogurt, so I didn't feel bad shoveling it in his eager little mouth! I am so glad I found this lactose free yogurt! I can't wait to try the other fruit flavors to see what he thinks.

I noticed a couple days ago... and every day now, that he doesn't swipe food on the floor because he isn't hungry. He swipes food on the floor because he doesn't like it. Liam doesn't seem to like boiled potatoes, noodles and peanut butter sandwiches. He even refused some turkey the other day. Oh well... if those are the only things he refuses, I think we'll have a healthy eater no matter what. I mean, really, the child LOVES peas! What more could a mother ask for at meal time?


grandma -dixie said...

I think that is pretty good also that Liam will eat peas, I still do not like caned peas but I like frozen peas. Glad that he is being a good eater for you. He looks the picture of health to us.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could come see you for Thanksgiving! Sierra is so cute to and it's hard to put into words, just like with Liam. Someday I'll be able to come see whenever I want...that's the dream.

Love you!

emma said...

I noticed the same thing with Ella. She's a Hoover. When we're at a restaurant, she hoovers down a lot of my food (she loves rice, fish--fillet of course, noodles, soft veggies, and the list goes on). then, she'll even partake of baby food when we get home.

Yeay Liam! Great to hear he loves his veggies.

Stepherz said...

I didn't know about this yogurt, we'll have to try some. Less sugar is good!